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LSMS 2007


Workshop on Integration of Electric Vehicles with Smart Grid

To decarbonize the whole energy system has been recognized worldwide as a key measure to tackle the twin challenges of secure and sustainable energy supply and climate change due to green-house gas emissions. To achieve this, it is key to plan and build the suitable infrastructure, and to manage the resources to ensure future power systems operate more reliably, more flexibly, and more economically, by integrating and coordinating the actions of all temporally and spatially distributed actors of different natures, with due considerations to the constraints, and uncertainties imposed upon them by highly complex external environments. Further, for power generation from renewable sources like wind and solar, the biggest challenge is their intermittent, variable and uncertain nature thus limiting their acceptance. According to the International Energy Agency, variable generation technologies such as wind and solar power will account for 37% of the net increase in generating capacity worldwide between 2009 and 2035. This however imposes significant challenges on the reliable and stable management of the electricity system based on conventional grid architecture and technologies. On the other hand, it has been widely researched that electric vehicles arguably could both benefit from and help to drive forward the development of smart grids where renewable resources are widely and substantially employed. This workshop is based on the large scale UK-China project on electric vehicles and smart grid, and aims to bring together researchers and engineers worldwide to explore the technologies for seamless integration of electric vehicles with grid.


  • Electic car energy management technologies

  • Smart charging infrastructure

  • Integration of electric vehicles and grid

  • New battery modelling technologies

  • Intelligent charging technologies

  • Energy-aware vehicular sensoring networks

  • Intelligent computing in electric vehicle technologies

  • Pricing models for charging stations

  • Smart grid technologies

  • Sensor network for smart grid

  • Energy efficient communication network for smart grid

  • Communication protocols and power management

  • Economic load dispatch

  • Cyber security in smart grid

  • High Voltage DC (HVDC) control

  • Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS)

  • Wide area monitoring using Phasor Measurement Units (PMU)

  • Dynamic pricing for smart grids

  • High performance computing for smart grids

  • Smart grid modeling applications

  • Smart grid demand response control

  • Utilities and transportation assets

  • Social perception and support


- Prof Yusheng Xue, Prof Shumei Cui